Thursday, 16:00 – 16:45, ISCIS INVITED TALK
lecture hall: 125 BT
INVITED TALK: How better balance the requirements of energy costs and quality of service in computer and communication systems Erol Gelenbe
Thursday, 16:45 – 18:45, ISCIS Session 3: Data Analysis and Algorithms
lecture hall: 125 BT
Modified Graph-Based Algorithm for Efficient Hyperspectral Feature Extraction Asma Fejjari, Karim Saheb Ettabaa, Ouajdi Korbaa
The competitiveness of randomized strategies for Canadians via systems of linear inequalities Pierre Bergé, Julien Hemery, Arpad Rimmel, Joanna Tomasik
Modelling and Designing Spatial and Temporal Big Data for Analytics Sinan Keskin, Adnan Yazici
Adaptive, hubness-aware nearest neighbour classifier with application to hyperspectral data Michał Romaszewski, Przemysław Głomb, Michał Cholewa
Graph Representation and Semi-Clustering Approach for Label Space Reduction in Multi-Label Classification of Documents Rafał Woźniak, Danuta Zakrzewska
Online Principal Component Analysis For Evolving Data Streams Monika Grabowska, Wojciech Kotlowski