Monday, 14:30 – 16:00, ICEC Parallel Session: Workshop 2: Designing Entertainment for the Aging Population (DEAP’18)
lecture hall: 127 BT
session chairs: Paula Alexandra Silva, Masood Masoodian
Storytelling: A Medium for Co-design of Health and Well-being Services for Seniors Leah Burns, Masood Masoodian
User-Centered Design of an Online Mobile Game Suite to Affect Well-Being of Older Adults Isabelle Kniestedt, Stephan Lukosch, Frances Brazier
Providing Life-style-Intervention to Improve Well-Being of Elderly People Thomas Rist, Andreas Seiderer, Elisabeth André
Intergenerational Joint Media Engagement: pre-testing interviews, activities and tablet’s applications Ana Carla Amaro, Lidia Oliveira, Vania Baldi
Physical Activity Among Older Adults: A Meta-Review of EU-Funded Research Projects Paula Alexandra Silva