Wednesday, 09:30 – 11:00, ICEC Session 3: VR and AR
lecture hall: 8 CW
session chair: Licino Roque
Mixed Reality Cycling in an Infinite Procedurally Generated City Wesley Oliveira, Werner Gaisbauer, Michelle Tizuka, Esteban Clua, Helmut Hlavacs
Aspects that need to be addressed during the development of location-based games Jacques Barnard, Magda Huisman, Gunther Drevin
Circus Noel: A case study on natural user interface design for VR Mirjam Vosmeer, Alyea Sandovar
Reorientation Method to Suppress Simulator Sickness in Home VR Contents Using HMD Yuki Ueda, Junichi Hoshino
A.R.M. – Augmented Reality Muscularity Dirk Sweere, Martin Hughes, Martijn van Laar, Lisa Rombout